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The Current Crisis

It's been 35 years since Title IX became law and schools are still not giving women and girls equal opportunities in sports. Instead of enforcing the law, however, the Department of Education on March 17, 2005 issued a new Title IX policy that threatens to reverse the progress that women and girls have made in sports. The Department's Title IX policy "Clarification" masks a major policy change. The only "clarification" is a clear invitation to schools who are not in compliance to escape the obligation of adding more participation opportunities for girls and women. A giant loophole has been opened without public notice or comment, and it has the potential of stopping the growth of women's sports in its tracks.

  • The SaveTitleIX campaign site is headquarters for a national effort to revoke the March 17 "Clarification." Communicate with your Congresspersons by sending them an email requesting that the March 17 clarification be revoked.
  • Read the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education's:
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    • Coalition Research critique of surveys (Coming Soon)
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  • Read a report from The Center for Research on Physical Activity, Sport & Health (CRPASH): Limitations of the Department of Education's Online Survey Method for Measuring Athletic Interest and Ability on U.S.A Campuses
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