Faces of Title IX
40th Anniversary of Title IX: The Next Generation

As the Faces of Title IX stories show, women and girls have come a long way since the enactment of Title IX -- the federal civil rights law that prohibits sex discrimination in education. Still, far too many students are denied equal educational opportunities. The National Women’s Law Center works to eliminate and prevent barriers to students' success in school. Although Title IX is best known for breaking down barriers in sports for women and girls, it also opens the door for girls to pursue math and science, requires fair treatment for pregnant and parenting students, and protects students from bullying and sexual harassment, among other things.

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A Pregnancy Test for Schools
A Pregnancy Test For Schools: The Impact of Education Laws on Pregnant and Parenting Students

Parenthood is not the end of the road for teen moms. Quite to the contrary, motherhood can serve as an educational motivator for many young women. Unfortunately, educational barriers and discrimination often thwart this drive and determination. Despite Title IX's prohibition against sex discrimination, there are schools across the country that continue to bar pregnant and parenting students from activities, kick them out of school, pressure them to attend alternative programs, and penalize them for pregnancy-related absences. Read the report, A Pregnancy Test For Schools: The Impact of Education Laws on Pregnant and Parenting Students.

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Title IX at 40: Working to Ensure Gender Equity in Education

You've heard about Title IX and athletics, but Title IX is about much more! In honor of the 40th anniversary of the law's passage, the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education published a comprehensive report to help give educators, parents, students, and lawmakers a better understanding of Title IX's impact and challenges that remain in many areas of education, in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, Career and Technical Education, Bullying and Sexual Harassment, Single-Sex Education, Pregnant and Parenting Students and Athletics.

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When Bobby Brugger moved to a new town with her family, she discovered her daughter Leia was being bullied at her new school. Like many other parents, students, and even teachers, Bobby wasn’t familiar with Title IX and had no idea that there was a law that protects students from bullying and harassment. Bobby’s proactive approach is leading to positive change in her daughter’s middle school.
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