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Education for Pregnant and Parenting Students

Before Title IX

What a waste of potential! If a teenager became pregnant, she usually lost her chance to get an education. Most schools expelled pregnant students and wouldn't let them return to school if they chose to continue the pregnancy.

Since Title IX

Title IX protects pregnant teenagers, their children, and their futures. Under Title IX, schools are not allowed to treat pregnant or parenting students like second-class citizens. The law recognizes how important it is for all young people to have access to education, not just for their future economic independence and self-sufficiency, but also for the health and development of their children.
Schools can have separate programs for pregnant students, but enrollment in these programs must be voluntary, and they must be of comparable quality to the other programs the school offers.

Why Title IX Is Still Critical

Girls are dropping out of high school at alarming rates, and one-quarter to one-third of female dropouts say that pregnancy or becoming a parent played a role in their decision to leave school.  Schools can make a big difference in these girls’ lives by helping them continue their education, and some have made small strides toward ending discrimination against pregnant and parenting students and offering additional support to this population.  But others are still blatantly discriminating against this population, by, for example, providing at-home tutoring for students who miss school because they are temporarily disabled but not for pregnancy.

Take Action

Support the Pregnant and Parenting Students Access to Education Act!
Ask the Secretary of Education to Keep Title IX Strong for Pregnant & Parenting Students.
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In 1998 the National Honor Society refused to admit two young mothers.

In 1998 the National Honor Society refused to admit two young mothers.

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Pregnant and Parenting Students Sue Southern California School District for Being Forced into Substandard Education Programs

In September 2004, a lawsuit was filed in Southern California on behalf of pregnant and parenting students against Antelope Valley Union High School District and the Los Angeles County Office of Education.

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