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Additional Resources

Title IX Fact Sheet on Clarification
This fact sheet is a condensed yet comprehensive overview about what's at stake with the Title IX Clarification.

Title IX Clarification Event Ideas
This event idea sheet lists Title IX web sites, event and activity ideas and organizing tips for community and campus groups.

Limitations of the Department of Education's Online Survey Method for Measuring Athletic Interest and Ability on U.S.A Campuses
The Center for Research on Physical Activity, Sport & Health (CRPASH) report on the Limitations of the Department of Education's Online Survey Method for Measuring Athletic Interest and Ability on U.S.A. Campuses

Playing Fair: A Guide to Title IX in High School & College Sports
This guide is aimed at helping athletes, coaches, parents, administrators and others to ensure that girls and women receive equal opportunities in high school and college sports. It concentrates on explaining the Title IX rules and regulations so that you can do an informal analysis of your school's athletic program.

NCAA Resource List
This is a comprehensive list of resources regarding Title IX. General topics include: audit materials, employment, federal regulation, case law, financial aid and scholarships, historical, sexual harassment, and strategic planning documents.

Check It Out: Is the Playing Field Level for Women and Girls at Your School:
This publication from the National Women's Law Center provides an Athletics Equity Checklist for Students, Athletes, Coaches, Parents, Administrators, and Advocates.

Title IX Report Card
Create a report card and find out whether or not your school is operating in sync with Title IX. You can use this report card to grade middle school, high school or college athletics programs.

Steps to Take to Get Gender Equity
This article provides a step-by-step action plan to resolving the gender equity situation at your school.

Office for Civil Rights Complaint Process
Would you like to file a Title IX complaint with the Office for Civil Rights? Download a complaint form and obtain important information regarding how the OCR will handle your case