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The following is merely a sampling of coverage related to this important issue. New editorials and commentaries will be continuously added.

DOE Report Confirms That Clarification Weakens Title IX (3/20/06)
A Department of Education report released late Friday confirms that the controversial Title IX "Clarification" is a dangerous change in policy.

USA Today, DOE issues report on Title IX (3/18/06)
The Department of Education issues a report on the use of internet surveys in cases involving Title IX.

USA Today, Schools not using latest Title IX tool (3/14/06)
Few schools are using the e-mail surveys to prove compliance with Title IX.

USA Today, Report on surveys in Title IX compliance due to Congress nextweek (3/9/06)
The Department of Education will give Congress an explanation of a controversial, year-old way to show compliance with Title IX in a report expected next week.

Jacksonville Daily Record, Title IX talk at JWLA luncheon (3/6/06)
The Jacksonville Women Lawyers Association gathered last week to hear Nancy Hogshead-Makar talk about Title IX.

FOX News, Olympic Gymnast Warns Senate on Anti-Discrimination Law (2/1/06)
Several notable women athletes and administrators on National Girls and Women in Sports Day to urge Congress to examine the law, known as Title IX., NCAA Urges U.S. to Rescind Title IX Guidance (4/29/05)
How far the National Collegiate Athletic Association has come from the days when it fought Title IX tooth and nail.

Washington Post, Not for Lack of Interest (4/2/05)
The Bush Administration recently suggested that women should have to prove their "interest" in sports.

Washington Post, Editorial, Too Lax On Title IX (4/2/05)
Education Department new interpretations defines that third test in a way that could undermine the grogress women have made in college sports.

USA Today, Columnist, Keeping Score (4/05)
It seemed too good to be true, no more fighting, no more brinkmanship, no more pitting the boys against the girls. It seemed to good to be true, and it was.